VTS Editor version compatibility: from version 3.1.0 onwards

Accessory: none

Compatibility with facial emotions and gestures: Animation block compatible

Tip from The Community: Aurélie and all her variations lend themselves perfectly to experiences in Management, Sales, Human Resources etc…




This object can be used in your license park of VTS Editor™. This is a final purchase (it is not a subscription). You can use it in all your projects made with VTS Editor™ as long as you have an active license.

If you have several licenses of VTS Editor™, you don’t need to buy several times the same Character to use it on all your workstations.

Once downloaded and imported via the Menu of VTS Editor™, this object will automatically complete your Catalog, and you will be able to use it in VTS.

Additional information

Aurélie outfit

Dress (pregnant), Red Shirt & Grey Skirt, Sleeveless suit


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